We offer a variety of classes for all interests and age groups!

Ballet Dancers


   Ballet is one of the most demanding and most disciplined of all dance forms. Thus it is most effectively mastered through continuous study. Those with a strong ballet foundation learn other forms of dance easier as well. For this reason it is highly emphasized at Main Street Dance Studio.
   Our ballet classes are classical in nature and based on a combination of Russian and Cecchetti techniques. We stress technique and control while naturally fostering grace and expression. As a result, ballet develops coordination, rhythm, strength, and flexibility. Also, it inspires an appreciation of classical music.
Celtic Dancers


   Irish (Celtic) dance is an ancient art form and is also one of the most difficult forms of dance to master. Main Street Dance offers Irish soft–shoe and hard-shoe dance technique. Our instructors teach traditional set dances along with freestyle choreography.
   In addition, more advanced students can become part of our Celtic Company. These dancers build self esteem and work to develop life long skills.
   There is a great demand in the Valley to see these young dancer strut their stuff!  Thus Irish dancers enjoy many opportunities to perform throughout the year.


Tap Dance


   Tap has its roots in the fusion of several ethnic percussive dances, including African tribal dances and Irish jigs. This form of dance uses the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Our studio teaches Broadway tap, which is focused on dance and movement.
   Tap is a high energy, expressive style of dance. It also fosters self-esteem and coordination. We emphasize the importance of working together in a large group to sound as one tap dancer. Tap dancing is a very fun and enjoyable style that allows self expression and creativity.
Jazz Dancer

Jazz/Hip Hop

   Jazz is a fast paced style of dance. Our lessons are based on the Luigi method, which uses classical ballet and basic movement. Students in these classes learn all varieties of dance from different eras and cultures. This class emphasizes flexibility and coordination in addition to technique and strength.
   Hip Hop is a favorite among pre-teen and teenage students and is normally done to pop music. As a result it is an even faster paced style loosely based on Jazz dance. We focus on strength and coordination in addition to flexibility. Tons of Fun!

Young Children

  Our Kinderdance and Pre-Ballet classes incorporate basic dance steps and motor development into a fun creative 45 minute class. These classes use games and imagery, resulting in increased self-awareness, expression and creativity. These young students learn basic Ballet terminology and steps.
  First Steps is especially designed for ages 3–4. It is similar in nature to our Kinderdance program. We progress slowly to allow the younger dancers the time they require to master their skills. Tap for Tots is designed to help the youngest dancer slowly learn the skills of tap dancing.  Most of all, our program fosters self-confidence and coordination in a fun learning environment.
Boy's Tap Dancing


   Yes, boys can dance, too!  Dancing improves coordination, agility, and posture.  Your son will gain better focus, confidence, creativity and self expression. Boys will use these assets outside of the dance studio in their various other activities and school work.
   Our studio offers celtic, tap, jazz and hip hop classes for boys. We teach them along with the girls of their same age and skill. This results in them learning to interact with one another in dance. In addition, boys will also have the chance to perform in routines that are for the male dancers only, which allows them additional opportunities to show their strength and creativity.